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My access point ...?

I activate the wireless in my laptop and try to search for an access point , I have a linksys but I can't find it in the access point list

to be more precise, I found another linksys access points but they are secured , so I want to know how to find out

1-my network in the list

2- if my network is secured

3- if it is not, how to secure it

NOTE: the wireless with the PS3 and my PDA is working fine.

and I use windows vista

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    If there's a computer connected physically to your access point/router, then use that pc but if there's none then you just have to plug your laptop to that access point and open internet explorer or firefox then type (the default IP of your access point) then you will be ask to log in

    Username: admin

    Password: admin


    Username: admin

    Password: password

    Don't worry, if you do this step, it will not change any settings in your access point but you are just merely checking the existing settings of your access point.

    So one you have logged in, look for the tab at the top that says WIRELESS

    then on the screen, you will see the name of your network or SSID

    under the tab WIRELESS, there are sub-tabs below it and click on the wireless security and you will see there if your network is secured or not and you will also see there the password of your network that is if it is secured.

    Now, don't save anything. Remember, it works for your PS3 and PDA so don't change any settings :)

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    My Access Point

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    You should visit the Linksys www site for complete instructions for your model Access Point. Here is a Link

    There are drivers and software for download that would help, but there is also a Manual for the product that will give a screen by screen walk through of the settings available, this will tell you how to set up security and your ssid, the ssid will be whatever you set it for (it is Linksys by default) and will identify your network when you look for it in the available networks list for wireless.

    Really though you should go to the support site and get the software and manual for your model then set it up, most Linksys units have the IP defaulted to or or this will allow you to access the set-up screens and is in the manual, the default username/password is I think User : Leave blank and Password: admin

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    why don't you buy some home plugs. 2 devices, the 1st device plugs into a power socket next to your router, the second device plug it in the room where you want to signal to go and the 2 devices will talk to each other via the electrical infrastructure of you home. Simply hardwire you router into the first device and hard hard wire you pc/laptop into the second device. If you want wireless access to come out of the second unit simply attached a wireless access point. If you have the same SSID and encription your wireless computer will see the 2 wireless networks as one and will connect to the one with the strongest signnal.

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