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Which place do you like most in Hong Kong?Why?What do You introduce to the visitors of thst place?Talk more about that place.


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    I like Mong Kok most in Hong Kong.It is because i can find many cheap and beautiful clothes.And i can see many show in the street of

    Mong Kok.

    Mong Kok is one of the best shopping areas for teenagers.Here,you

    can find many modern and stylish items.If you're a sports fan,you

    should go to Fa Yuen Street,where the whole street is lined with sports

    clothes and equipment,at reasonable prices too.If you're a follower of

    Japanese or Korean fashion,you will love Trendy Zone and Chic

    Castle.These shopping centres offer a wide selection of fashionable

    clothes and accessories at a very good price.For computer fans,a visit

    to the Mong Kok Computer Centre is a must.

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    第2行同第3行個Mong Kok係1句黎架!

    第5行既"If you're a sports fan"改做"If you are a sports fan"

    第7行既"If you're a follower" 改做"If you are a follower"

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    causeway bay(銅鑼灣)

    quarry bay (測魚涌)


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