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The second dimension is that you need much more fiscal stimulus — in the countries that can afford it — that is front-loaded. The U.S. [stimulus package] is $800 billion, but only $200 billion is front-loaded.


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    >> 意指側重在前期的

    以這題題意簡單來講是說: 你需要側重在前期的財政刺激方案, 譬如說此次美國的財政刺激方案總共是 $800 billion, 但卻只有 $200 billion 側重在前期的發費上


    What's Front-loaded loans?

    A tip from Eric Fedewa sparked a discussion between Wise Bread bloggers (Andrea Dickson and me). He brought a new financial term (front-loading) to our attention that indicates how interest on fixed rate mortgage loans is heavier in the beginning of a term. Our exchanges focused on the front-load concept.

    上面例子所指的 front-loaded loan 意指: 此項抵押貸款的固定利率在初期比較高的意思

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    為 (合同或項目等的) 前期確定成本或收益

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