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=> 各位專家們,煩請幫小弟將此文章翻譯成英文吧! 感謝您的大

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  • 1 decade ago
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    “bad foreword pattern” the concept, thought that Chinese's interpersonal interaction is take oneself as a center, will have interactive other people with far and near to divide into several concentric circles based on the friend or stranger, more is intimate with other people, more draw close to with the self-center; But self-and the different circle level other people's contact principle is also different

  • 1 decade ago

    The concept of "bad preface structure and form", thinks that the Chinese human relations interaction takes oneself as center, will have a far near close or distant friends interactive others basis with oneself to be divided into a few united at heart circles, more close others, more come close with selfishness;And the association rule of the others of self and different turn layer is also different

  • 1 decade ago

    The concept of ' the difference preface pattern ', it is to regard oneself as the centre to think the Chinese one interpersonal and interdynamic, have others who are interdynamic to divide with oneself into several concentric circles near according to kissing drifting apart, others on intimate terms , press close to oneself's centre; And the self- and different others' contacts rule of enclosing floor is different

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