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Tennessee Valley Authority question?

what causes so many small rivers to flow west into the tennessee river at the far eastern area of the TVA?

over which landform does much if the TVA water flow?

into which river do the TVA rivers flow? this river in turn becomes a tributary of which river? how could the TVA affect these downstream rivers?

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    Gravity and how the mountains are sloped causes all of the rivulets in E. Tennessee that go into the Tennessee River to go that way. The river is formed by the confluence of the French Broad out of N. Carolina and the Holston. It flows SSw towards Chattanooga and then turns more westward into N. Alabama until it reaches the area just south of Savannah, Tennessee and then it goes basically north west of Clarksville, Tennessee and empties into the Mississippi at Paducah, Kentucky.

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    1. Appalachian Mountains

    2. Cumberland Plateau

    3. Tennessee, Ohio, Mississippi

    4. Tennessee and Ohio Rivers make 40% of the Lower Mississippi's flow.

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    candy! i admire community questions- I stay in Knoxville, a significant area of the TVA undertaking! till now the TVA outfitted dams (Norris, Douglas, citadel Loudon) the Tennessee and Mississippi Rivers flooded often and badly. there have been many deaths, illnesses, and various money lost while the floods got here. The TVA began development interior the excellent melancholy, giving jobs to many. It additionally electrified the valley and for the 1st time, electrical energy became into available to all this is citizens, not basically the wealthy ones. My grandfather can nevertheless remember switching from kerosene to electric powered lamps! that's a huge deal by way of fact it began ushering the valley into the popular era, and commenced the frenzy for different supplies of electrical energy different than purely burning coal. this is nevertheless necessary here, by way of fact there are often flood situations nevertheless. They enable water in and out of the damns hence, holding us from floating away!

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    This will cover all of your questions..

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