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If you owned a company and was interviewing for the best CEO would you hire Obama?

I say no he graduated from Havard so has many, Have never ran a business or ran any branch of any government don't have any record of outstanding leadership no track record. For those of you that say yes please state why....remember this is your company and the CEO could make or break your company. Please keep it civil and try and avoid one liners which shows little thought input


Ben you logic is not sound Bill gates created his own company obviously after a liftime of experience i would say he is uniquely qualified

Update 2:

Ben sounds like you are just playing avoidance once again lacks logic I don't have to run a marathon to know that it is very difficult or hard.

Update 3:

Once again ben I have to totally disagree with you the president of the US is the closest thing to a CEO. All former presidents from Carter Reagan Bush ,Clinton were govenors and some had business and a track record. All I am saying in picking someone to guide a nation shouldn't their be some type of experience that we can look at to see where the man might lead us

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    No. The Presidency is his first executive experience. He has no business experience to speak of, and I could not in good conscience hire him to run a business that requires such upper management as a CEO.

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    I've never met the man, I've never conducted an interview with him, I've never run a major corporation. Once I've done those three things, I'll give you an answer. Until then, it's just wild speculation. Bill Gates was a frigging nerdy college dropout back in the '70s. I probably wouldn't have hired him as a CEO, either. But I would've been wrong.

    Ynot - you're asking people to decide whether or not Barack Obama would make a good CEO based upon sheer conjecture. It's like asking if Hitler would've made a good software engineer. Barack Obama has never run a company, doesn't have a business degree, and has no experience in the field whatsoever. So if the question is whether or not he possesses the credentials to even be considered for such a position, the answer is an emphatic no. That is not the same thing as whether or not he would possess the necessary skills to BE a good CEO. On paper, Bill Gates possesses none of the necessary requirements to become a CEO other than what we know about him now, that he WAS an extremely successful one. In the '70s, he had no experience running a business and did not even complete a formal college education, yet he went on to found and run one of the most successful businesses in history. My point is only that you are asking people to draw conclusions based upon no empirical evidence.

    And for the record, I'm a lifelong Republican who did NOT vote for Barack Obama and does not support his socialist policies. However, you're asking an extremely hypothetical question with no factual basis for comparison.

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    "CHANGE !!!!! " .... LOL

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