Boiler replacement help..?

am at a situation where I am a major influence in a large boiler replacement. Right now it is an oil fired fint-tube boiler and the company wants to do away with the oil tank and replace the boiler. They want to go with is limited due to old pipe runs and miscellaneous hvac equipment I need a solution by tomorrow. I know I didn't put much details but the current boiler is a Cleaver Brooks Model CB189-70 that may be a 789 but any help will be most gracious. It is for a motel and a large kitchen/restraunt approximately 40-50k square feet with already installed water heaters and registers. We could do away with the propane and the oil fired (oil fired water heater isn't being used) and supplement that into the boiler too....thanks


The boiler is about 500,000 BTU input. There really isn't much to go on just seeking opinions on combi boilers or placing unit boilers in series to provide for hotel rooms and than a main central boiler for kitchen....just idea searching really thanks.

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    You did not provide enough information. Why not get another HVAC company to give you give you their opinion on the type and size of boilers available. Heating oil is expensive but then again so is propane. What about natural gas? Do you have it at your site?

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