Scientifically, what makes people's ears "ring"?

My ears are always ringing in my new house. Why?


My sister hears it too, but I don't hear it outside.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ringing in the ears can be from a lot of causes, but one of the causes is if someone is exposed to loud sounds. In this case, the ringing is caused by the loss of a hair cell in the cochlea and the the person ceases to be able to hear that frequency. You also get ringing in you ears (medical term is tinnitus) from taking certain medications such as aspirin or certain antibiotics.

    In your case, there may be other causes of ringing. For example, there may be a high frequency emitter, either one of the electronic appliances, or some other nearby source. Otherwise it can be a sign of toxicity of a particular substance. Does everyone hear it or just you? Do you hear it only in the house or in the neighborhood too?

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