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LMFAO - Is this what religious Republicans are still worried about, even given the party's current state?

Abortion rights, which has been a completely unimportant wedge issue for decades? Does this kind of religious wingnut zealousness while normal Americans are losing their jobs perhaps account for the reason everyone thinks Republicans are the biggest joke on earth?

"Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele’s series of gaffes turned into something more serious Thursday, as a leaders of a pillar of the GOP — the anti-abortion movement — shifted into open revolt over comments in an interview with the men’s magazine GQ.

Steele called abortion an “individual choice” and opposed a constitutional ban on abortion in the Feb. 24 interview, which appeared online Wednesday night. He echoed the language of the abortion rights movement and appearing to contradict his own heated assertions during his campaign for chairman that he is a committed soldier in the anti-abortion movement" ( ).

Perhaps it would comfort people who can't pay their bills that the woman down the street who also can't pay her bills is being forced to have a baby she doesn't want?


"slut"; "woman should have used protection": Thanks for the typical misogynist remarks about how only women are responsible for preventing men from wanting to have sex. This question just wouldn't have been the same without them.

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    Well put - although I, too, would opt for the adoption choice.

    Electable and Kate have put my thoughts to words. Let me throw in a few more.

    I listened to both my Grandmothers tell stories of women who died on the kitchen tables of their neighbors.

    Many men simply refuse to take ANY responsibility for birth control yet demand that their wives/girlfriends have sex w/o thought to their feelings on the subject, much less their health.

    Too many women died before birth control and Roe v. Wade were here. Too many unwanted children were born into miserable lives because it wasn't available. Like one of my kids whose mother didn't want him and he was forced to forage on the street for food from the time he could walk. In the United States.

    I don't like abortion. I REALLY don't like it when it's used as a form of birth control. If you are not that woman - you DO NOT have a bloody thing to say about it. Especially if you're a man.

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    I like the canard of 'It's not religious; it's moral, and therefore you are wrong.' Talk about illogical!

    Kudos to the comments of the Republican guy above me: The Republicans need more of you and Steele (when he's thinking clearly)--rational, intelligent people with whom honest discussion, debate, disagreement, and, maybe, even, agreement is possible. Framing the issue as 'moral' or 'religious' is irrelevant: The problem is imposing your beliefs on others, not how you perceive those beliefs.

    If you don't want an abortion, don't have one. Making abortion illegal does nothing to stop it, only to increase the danger of the procedure to practitioners and patients alike. If you want to make abortion less of an issue, teach kids about sexual education and make protective measures freely available. 'Abstinence-only' and 'no abortions ever' will never work in tandem.

    Source(s): To 34th: Thanks, and agree with you as well, although I probably tend to lean more pro-choice on a philosophical angle, I'm presuming. (No ethical qualms with abortion per se. But that's another discussion!)
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    the same nutters that were against aspirin and anti biotics, they will always have issues trying to live by 2000 year old myths in todays world

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    Well, not this non religious Republican.

    Men should butt outta women's personal business.

    In other words, if you yourself have never needed/ wanted/ considered an abortion, then shut up.


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  • It's not a religious issue, it's a moral issue.

    And it isn't an individual choice, considering you are ending someone else's life.

    And it is not like people don't know what they are getting into when they decide to have sex.

    EDIT: I do support abortion for rape cases and if it puts the mother in danger

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    If the slut down the street didn't want a baby, she should just keep her legs closed and we wouldn't even have these silly questions.

    Because it is the WOMAN who gets pregnant.

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    Only if she was forced into procreation that she didn't want.

    Adoption is an option.

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