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Wondering if anyone has suggestions regarding sudden onset of Car Sickness!?

I'm 22, healthy and have never experienced car sickness before! When I was younger I used to go for long drives to visit family (6 hours +). About a week ago I was in the car with a friend and I began to feel sick. I questioned it at the time, but let it go shortly after, thinking it was probably "just her driving". The following day I was a passenger on a trip to a mall about an hour from home and began to feel sick shorty into the ride. Again, a day later I was driving myself to a friends an was again nauseous...It has come out of nowhere and am wondering if anyone has ever had this happen to them before and what was the cause??

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    If it's happened in three different cars, and it's happening whether you're the driver or whether you're a passenger, I think we can eliminate environmental causes like smells, over-springing, looking out of a side window etc. Have you had any balance problems lately - any dizziness or giddiness? It could be an ear problem - the ears are very sensitive to motion.

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  • Judith
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    Not being a doctor I would say you have an inner ear infection that needs to be treated RIGHT AWAY!!!! Lack of attention can cause permanent damage. The infection is causing your brain to think that you are moving or tilting when you are not and that brings on the dizzy spells and vertigo which bring on the nausea. Been there done that.. waited until it hurt and now have tinitus in that ear and that sucks!!!!! You say don't tell you to see a doctor.... I SAY call another one or go to an emergency room. Get well soon and Happy Holidays.

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