What should i write on my a.p. world history application ?

Its says write a full paragraph expressing why i should be admitted.

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    1 decade ago
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    Well, you're not giving me much information to go on here.

    Do you like learning about other cultures?

    Do you like learning about geography of foreign countries?

    Important events that occurred in that civilization?

    Are you ready for COLLEGE LEVEL work?

    Then you'd be a good candidate for AP World History.

    To be in an AP course, you need to work harder and you need to be smarter than the average bear.

    AP courses are the high school equivalent of college level work, which means you need to really grind it out to get the best grade. Tests and Quizzes are harder than normal and you may be asked to write DBQs(Document Based Questions) on certain events.

    Your essay should say that you have a dedicated work ethic toward the course, open to learning, and you should probably say your achievements from your previous history course.

    I'm assuming you had a B+ or higher in your current history course in order to receive admission into an AP program.

    Good luck and Godspeed.


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