Nintendo DS Action Replay HELP!?

So i got a NDS and the AR thingy and i got some codes for it, but the code i wanted isnt on the game, i went on the web and found one but it was for a diferent game ID, is there a way that i can change the ID so it will work?

The one that i started out with is ACLE-f09e16e1

and the one i need the code to work is:


Its for Custom Robo Arena

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    Hmm, I don't happen to have my DS action replay in front of me, but if you want to used a game with a different ID you can Add a whole new game.

    There should be an area where you see "Add New" or something like that. You would have to add the Title of the game, the ID and some other info, than add the codes you want to use.

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    1 decade ago

    Delete the game from your Action Replay, then manually enter these codes. That Game ID is for the European version of this game.

    Game ID: ACLP-433CDDB4


    Press Select to Refill Health

    94000130 fffb0000

    121d2768 0000270f

    121d276c 0000270f

    d2000000 00000000


    Press L+R for Instant Win

    94000130 000000ff

    121d6238 00000000

    121d6234 00000000

    d2000000 00000000


    Press L+R for Max Cash

    94000130 000000ff

    020cc100 0098967f

    d2000000 00000000


    Quick Level Up (Select+UP Enable/Select+DOWN Disable)

    94000130 000003bb

    123ffe18 00000001

    d0000000 00000000

    94000130 0000037b

    123ffe18 00000000

    d0000000 00000000

    923ffe18 00000001

    220cc104 000000ff

    d2000000 00000000


    Press Start+L for all Robot Parts

    94000130 000001f7

    d5000000 0b0b0b0b

    c0000000 0000003d

    d6000000 020cc1d0

    d3000000 00000000

    220cc2c8 0000000b

    d2000000 00000000


    Debug Chapter Select (Press Start+R on a menu or start a new game)

    02000dec e3a09001

    94000130 000002f7

    220cf810 00000000

    d2000000 00000000

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    you purchase the cartridge the type is action replay basically get the ds version its an identical cartrige for ds and ds lite u positioned it in then turn it on wait a 2d it relatively is going to say this product isn't licenced or endorced my nintendo then press ok then wait a sec then take the cartrige out dont turn it off then positioned the sport u decide to cheat in and the call would desire to be on the exhibit press on it % the cheats u choose then press ok and initiate up the sport the cheets would be lively playstation the ds and the ds lite are an identical console no distinction in video games basically smaller and extra perfect image high quality

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the codes probably wrong, you should try using an emulator, theyre just like the normal game but have a AR GS ect. built in, trust me its a lot easier, oh and you dont have to buy games

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  • 1 decade ago

    no, each game has their own programmed ID codes.

    Source(s): i use action replay ds.
  • 1 decade ago

    maybe u can call the nintendo company and see if they can fix it or find out what happened and if they cant maybe the will pay for another one

  • 1 decade ago

    that means the codes wrong

  • 1 decade ago

    idk but it those AR things are a rip off they crap out very quickly i had one for the ps2 and psp but they both started acting weird after like 3 or 4 months

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