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Yet another depressing poem.?

Invisible, swirling, crushing weight

Pulling you under

Gripping your throat

Undeniable, desperate need

Sinking slowly into suffocation

Driven by desperation

Ravaging beast inside

Gnawing on your last thread

Tearing you apart from the inside out

Ripping open your heart

Bleeding out all your sins

You are clean


I'll write a euphoric one then.

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    So much despair & loneliness if I can say one thing though with all your talent you should try writing a Poem about something that inspires you like what keeps you going? What's your Inspiration Good Luck to you & I look forward to more of your work Slainte (cheers & health)

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  • Ruanna
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    My goodness! What imagery! Can you reverse the flow of this and make your reader ( this reader) happy to know you instead of sad to think you are this unhappy? Even though you may be at the moment you wrote this, what describes your euphoric moments? I would sure be interested in seeing your elated feelings written down. :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    you need to read the poems of Stephen Crane.

    they will inspire you to greater heights of poetic depair.

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  • Anonymous
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