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Please help solve this math equation??

Hi. Can you please help me solve this math equation: -3t=-9

Please explain your answer and include a check.

Thank you sooo much! =) (kisses)

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    -3t=-9 well, solve for t by moving all the variables to one side and the numbers to the other. to do that, divide both sides by -3 giving...

    t = 9/3 = 3

    ans: t = 3

    check: -3 * 3 = -9 check.

    ps - and you know a neg*neg = pos; pos * pos = pos & pos * neg = neg. no charge for that info.

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    If you divide both sides of the equation by -3, you end up with t = (-9)/(-3).

    This becomes t = 3

    To check, you replace t with the result (this is 3), and check whether the result of the left side of the equation actually equals the right side of the equation. Since -3x3 = -9, the solution is correct.

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    If -3t = -9, you can perform operations on both sides of the equation to isolate t as to get t = (something)


    -3t = -9 (multiply each side by -1, you get...)

    3t = 9 (divide each side by 3 as to get t alone on the left side, and you get...)

    t = 3

    So, if t=3, -3(t)=-3(3)=-9. Here's your check.

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    Divide by -3, so t=3



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    t = 3

    -9 divided by -3

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    Okay, whatever you do to one side of the equals sign, do on the other. Divide each side by -3 and you get t=3, so that is your answer.

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    Divide the -3 t to isolate the t on what side (What u want to figure out..)so.....-9 / -3

    Which negative and negative equals positive 3.

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    First you add 1.2 with 6.8 Then subtract that amount from 12. That would get you the answer for what W is. 1.2+6.8+w=12 8+w=12 w=12-8 w=4 1.2+6.8+4=12

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    x2- 8x+6 can be written in the form (x-p)2 +q for all value of x.

    find the value of p and the value of q

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