Physical Features of Alabama?

Please awnser fast!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Between Georgia and Mississippi--south of Tennessee--north of Florida. Montgomery the Capital. Depending from where you are located now. Has lots of grass, trees unless of course you live in the big cities like Montgomery, Birmingham, Huntsville and Mobile. Huntsville is where they have the biggest science museum for the space program. Birmingham has the UAB hospital. Mobile is down by the ocean.Weather is mild in the winter. Hot and mostly humid itornadoesmmer. Have some beautiful lakes and good fishing. Sometimes have tornados. Soil is red clay mostly not like the rich soils of some other states. Depends on where you want to live, people are friendly and property taxes are fairly reasonable. Just a little idea of Al.

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    1 decade ago

    Trailer parks

    Broken down pick-up trucks in frontyards

    Burning crosses

    Bars called "The Jug"

    Tall white mansions and little shacks

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    1 decade ago

    Trees, grass, small mountains and a decent beach.

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