Can I collect unemployment in the state of Florida for my furlough days?

I recently was told at my company that I would need to take several days off over the next couple of months without pay (furlough). Will I be able to be compensated through unemployment for these days?

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    If your hours drop below the threashold of partial unemployment you might be able; but I bet not.

    Call the U/E office with your last 4 quarters of wage info and ask.

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    I found this:

    Furlough May Qualify for Unemployment

    March 11th, 2009

    You may be eligible for unemployment benefits if you are placed on an unpaid furlough. You must meet all of the requirements such as having worked in four of the last five quarters and earned a specific amount of money.

    You also won’t get paid for the first week you are on furlough, although, Robby Cunningham from the Agency for Workforce Innovation says you can file the claim anyway and have that first week be what is called a “waiting week” so that if you are laid off later in the year, you won’t have to wait another week to receive payments.

    “If you are laid off or furloughed for a short time, you may be able to receive unemployment compensation payments”. If, as Cunningham says “You fall under the same guidelines as anyone who was actually terminated. So you would have to meet certain criteria, like the number of weeks you have been working for this company or organization, the amount of wages you have received from them, You have a waiting week like all unemployment compensation recipients have as well”.

    Applications for unemployment can be made at

  • No, you are on temporarily furlough, not unemployed. Besides, Florida unemployment takes at least 6 weeks to kick in and the first week you don't get paid for anyways.

    You have a job, be thankful. Unemployment sucks.

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