interesting fact about Ecuador?

i need a really like mind blowing fact about it

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    Ecuador has a volcano called Chimborazo , The summit of Chimborazo is widely reported to be the farthest point from Earth's center..Or closest point on earth to the sun..Although some my argue that Mount Everest is the tallest mountain there fore must be the highest point, this is only because its measured from sea level... The summit of Mount Everest reaches a higher elevation above sea level yes but Chimborazo is one degree south of the equator and the earth's diameter at the equator is greater than at the latitude of Everest, nearly 28° north, with sea level also elevated. Despite being 2,581 m (8,568 ft) lower in elevation above sea level, it is 6,384.4 km (3,968 mi) from the Earth's center, 2.1 km farther than the summit of Everest.........The you go, get an A+

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    Legends about Imbabura Volcan.

    As the dominant geographic feature of the area, Imbabura is of significant importance to the local culture, which involves a spiritual relationship with the land. The mountain is sometimes personified locally as Taita Imbabura, or "Papa" Imbabura. In fact, Imbabura is considered the sacred protector of the region.

    One of boulders ejected by Imbabura's last eruption, which landed nearby in Peguche, was revered as Achilly Pachacamac, the supreme god, by pre-Incan peoples. According to local legend, Mojanda and Imbabura each hurled stones across the valley; but Imbabura, who is often characterized as a womanizer, was weakened by his amorous affairs, and his rock fell short. The stone has been carved into the shape of a face

    It is said that Imbabura fought with Mojanda to win the love of Cotacachi, who became his wife. When Cotacachi is snowcapped in the morning, it is said that Imbabura has been with her during the night. Building upon these legends, some of the smaller peaks nearby, especially Yanahurca (or Wawa Imbabura) north of Cotacachi, are called the offspring of the two

    When it rains in Otavalo and surrounding areas, it is also said that Imbabura is "peeing" in the valley

    On a western slope, an area of loose earth perfectly resembles a heart. This area, known as the "heart of the mountain" is much beloved by residents and appears in local art depicting the volcano. The area is said to be enchanted, as no human nor animal has been capable of scaling or hiking across the area.

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