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Will an autobiography be released by The Undertaker? (+BQ)?

Little is known about The Undertaker's childhood and I'd love too read about his early years. Also reading backstage stories told by 'Taker would be awesome. Or isn't Undertaker interested in writing an autobiography?

BQ: Would Kevin Nash make a good play-by-play commentator after his retirement?

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    I'm sure after he retires he will have another DVD, an autobiography, and maybe some T.V. documentaries. It's only right to wait until he retires. I'm sure that's what he is waiting for. He figures why not wait and then let the world know who he is. Unless, he doesn't even want us to know. I'm sure though, once he's not technically The Undertaker (he will always be, but when he retires and isn't on T.V. weekly) anymore...he will have an easier time telling the world about Mark and his Undertaker character.

    BQ: I could see him as a GM instead. RAW GM maybe ;)

  • Abby
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    5 years ago

    I Don't Think WWE Can really Stop him from making it Real, They Want the Fans to know that The Undertaker, Isn't "A Dead Man" And Obviously You don't really Expect a 10 Year old Kid to go Out and But "The Undertakers" auto Biography, Although I Can Imagine him Reading it In English Class, Anyway If he does make one, It will be About Real life. This Is quite An Interesting Question.

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    That's a great idea. I imagine when he retires, Vince McMahon and the WWE machine will get involved in that. It seems like there's enough interest that it would be a big money maker and really, who doesn't want to know more about the Undertaker's real life. I say, "If he wants to talk, there will be plenty of people who are all too eager to listen".

    Always liked Big Diesel Kevin Nash. I'd love for him to get a gig on WWE as a commentator

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    The UNdertaker will prolly do a book after retirement, although he is a very privet person so it may have to happen till after he passes on and a family member writes it.

    BQ: Nash would be great

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  • Krithi
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    1 decade ago

    I don't know if he will. Taker doesn't do any interviews or anything so its really tough to answer that question. We'll just have to wait and find out. He did a few interviews in the past but I don't remember him mentioning anything about an autobiography.

    BQ: I think he would.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    His gimmick doesn't allow him to do such things.

    BQ : Yes

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