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Why isn't smoking while pregnant considered child endangerment?

Or is it? I was wondering this today. It seems like there are so many risks to the fetus involved with continued should be illegal in some way for pregnant women to smoke. Especially with all of the concern about second hand smoke for adult non-smokers. What do you think?


Kim - I am a smoker and I'm 9 weeks pregnant. I just found out obviously and have been trying very hard to quit...I was never a pack a day smoker, and I'm now down to 2 cigs a day. I know it's hard, so please. All I'm saying is that I was scared enough by my doctor and the stuff I've been reading to wonder why it's acceptable. People have made the point that caffeine is also potentially harmful...but smoking isn't "potentially" anything. It more than doubles the risks for all kinds of different problems. I understand what you're going through, trust me...I just think it would be easier to quit and there would be more healthy babies if there was some kind of penalty for mothers endangering their children by smoking, drinking or doing drugs while pregnant.

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    I would like to address kimS- Your doctor is a moron. No doctor would ever tell you not to quit smoking because it would cause stress on the baby. Not smoking gives your baby oxygen. How is that harmful? It isn't that is bullSh2t!

    To the poster- it is not considered child endangerment because it is not considered a child. There are risks associated with smoking and pregnancy. Miscarriage, low birth weight. Pre term labor, and potential future problems like asthma.

    I am very proud of you that you have cut down. Just keep trying. As long as you try that is all that matters. It is hard. Very very very hard to quit, and you have to be a smoker to understand that.

    Everything will be fine. Just keep trying that's all.

    It shouldn't be illegal to smoke during pregnancy. That still wont make people quit. If you really want to quit, you will eventually.

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    Look I understand your point here, but I just found I'm pregnant unexpectedly. I've been smoking for 16 years. I'm doing my absolutely best to quit smoking and I'm down to less than half a pack a day from smoking over a pack a day. I'm not quite all the way done yet but I am trying. So you're telling me that I should be in jail or something along those lines because I haven't managed to quit smoking all together yet?? Get real! I, by no means, want my child to suffer, but giving it up isn't nearly as easy an you non-smokers think even when you're pregnant. Aside from that my doctor has told me not to go cold turkey because the stress from that may be worse for both of us and cause me to miscarry...

    My doctor never said not to quit smoking, but I had a couple miscarriages many years ago and to go cold turkey may be too much stress on me which may lead to another miscarriage.

    Dont go cold turkey and dont quit are very different.

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    Because it isn't child endangerment. The rule against smoking while pregnant is a fairly recent thing, and hasn't been shown to help anyone.

    Would you like the government to lock up all pregnant women in a sort of "pregnancy concentration camp" and watch them 24/7 to make sure they don't commit any "crimes" against their babies? Because that is the logical extension of what you are suggesting.

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    because it leagal and there right to smoke. as much as i think its totaly wrong and selfish. its not going to kill the baby and there are chance the baby will be ok. Thats almost like saying it should be child endagerment if pregnant women drink coffee cause of low birth weight, you just cant do that.

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    because smoking is a legal way for the government to make a ton of money from taxes and kill people off

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    While I agree with you in principal, in legal terms a fetus is not a child, it is part of your body.

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    Your body, your business.

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