how was thomas jefferson as president in achieving his goal of simplifying the government?

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    He was then in the fifty-eighth year of his age. Thomas Jefferson's presidency was not as good in fundamentals (Jefferson's) as admirers of Jefferson would have liked.

    Mr. Jefferson indicated his policy, as follows, in a letter to Nathaniel Macon: "1. Levees are done away with. 2. The first communication to the next Congress will be, like all subsequent ones, by message, to which no answer will be expected. 3. The diplomatic establishment in Europe will be reduced to three ministers. 4. The compensation of collectors depends on you [Congress], and not on me. 5. The army is undergoing a chaste reformation. 6. The navy will be reduced to the legal establishment by the last of this month [May, 1801]. 7. Agencies in every department will be revised. 8. We shall push you to the uttermost in economizing. 9. A very early recommendation has been given to the Postmaster-General to employ no printer, foreigner, or Revolutionary Tory in any of his offices." Mr. Jefferson appointed James Madison Secretary of State; Henry Dearborn, Secretary of War; and Levi Lincoln, Attorney-General. He retained Mr. Adams' Secretaries of the Treasury and Navy, until the following autumn, when Albert Gallatin, a naturalized foreigner, was appointed to the first-named office, and Robert Smith, to the second.

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    If nothing else, learn & relay the fact that the White House/president's mansion was burned to the ground, ultimately because of Jefferson's 8 years in the White House.

    You're about to discover that Jefferson was one of the WORST presidents in US history -- but because the USA needs its heroes (just like Christopher Columbus & Spanish explorers are so, despute the killings & horrible crimes committed across islands & lands). In fact, Thomas Jefferson was the guy that started pushing the native-americans off their homelands, as an actual government program.

    Jefferson couldn't see how taxes & a federal government were needed, because he was 'raised' as a self-sufficient land-owner himself and his enemy was vs. a King and overseas power, in England. (His slaves grew & prepared his meals, and took care of the grounds at Monticello. His neighbors in Virginia were of means, and were enlighted enough to talk virtue & education & ideals of rights of man. Then went home for nocturnal visits to the slaves they held. Therefore, with Jeffy -- courting a wife became less important, you know what I mean?)

    He felt the USA was free and clear of England. What he couldn't see -- was that his Embargo Act crippled international shipping, commerce and those old taxes associated with ebb/flow of goods & products imported & exported would DRY UP because of his own stubborn nature and approved policy. He thought he was SPITING England and France -- and couldn't care less about the unemployment and devastation across NY and Boston and all harbor cities connected to trade. (Why? because he was a farmer, and an intellectual that already "knew it all" vs. visiting NY for example and seeing for himself what the affects were.. etc. etc.)

    You should simply Wiki the presidency and read a little about the actual Jefferson presidency -- and try to imagine what was going on. Jefferson actually near-eliminated the budget for the USA national defenses and navy, etc. -- which brought on embarassing losses overseas (vs. North African pirates essentially in the Barbary War, "to the shores of Tipoli") and CATASTROPHIC results, in what transpired as a DIRECT result of his awful Presidency -- namely, the War of 1812.

    You won't find too many references to Jefferson's role -- nor the fact that the British BURNED the White House, NYC and parts of Philly/Boston nearly to the ground. The USA was defenseless vs. Britain. CAN YOU IMAGINE that? We couldn't fight off the British -- because Jefferson figured our people/militias were armed enough (his HEAD was still in the 1770s, of course).

    You can tell your teach he's a birdbrain -- Jefferson, although put on a pedestal for his work in the 1770's was NOT a good President in the least. In fact, he had to be convinced by his cabinet to MAKE the deal with the French for the Louisiana Purchase, as France was even offering this "useless" territory (to them) to the British, who was an enemy of France still at that point.

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    He was successful until the Yankee industrialists won the War Between The States (incorrectly called The Civil War). After that, we were all screwed!

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