Alice in Wonderland and drugs?

I feel stupid asking this, but please don't be mean about it. I heard that the characters in Alice in Wonderland are based off drugs. Like...the rabbit is speed, the cat is acid, etc. ummmm does anyone know what the other ones are? like the queen of hearts or the caterpillar or the weird twins? I was just curious is all....

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    (Based on the original Lewis Carroll books)

    Kind of,

    Lewis carroll was on Laudanum,

    (a mixture of alcohol and opium) when writing Alice and Wonderland and through the looking glass).

    The caterpillar is smoking hookah(Indian flavored tobacco)

    Alice obviously eats magic mushrooms.

    Check this out:

    Lewis Carroll;

    Caterpillar hooka;'s_...

    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland:



    Source(s): Lewis Carroll #1 fan!!!!
  • Nancy
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    4 years ago

    The only thing I know about the motivations behind Alice in Wonderland is that Lewis Carrol was a pedophile in love with his very young neighbor girl, on whom the character Alice is based. Beyond that, the time period is about right for him to have been on drugs (opium, absinthe, etc.), and most writers of the era were. Aside from the obvious stuff, like the mushrooms and the smoking caterpillar, the rest (if it is all a loosely veiled drug reference) could be just the results of a really bad trip.

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    The characters arent based on drugs, for a majority of those drugs werent around in 1851 when the book was written, however the author, Lewis Carroll, wrote the book on drugs, mainly opium and wrote of things he saw.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There is no evidence of that whatso ever. I always hated this rumor- it is as though a truly creative person just cant exist. There has to be some excuse or a mind altering substance of some kind..

    Just look up the author

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    In the Polls and Survey section there is an Alice in Wonderbra.

    Anyway the things Alice eats and gets big and small must be something.

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    Yes, this idea has been around for ages. I don't think all the characters are based on drugs, but more of an all around acid trip. But the caterpillar would be marijuana.

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    All I've heard is that Lewis Carroll was using mushrooms while writing the book.

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    It was based on hallucinogenic drugs at the time. Watch "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory"

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    Alice in Wonderland and drugs... sounds like a party... why wasn't i invited :(

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    no. alice in wonderland is about communism.

    if you think about it, its not about alice in wonderland, its about the mice trying to take over. watch it and you'll see what im talking about.

    if you know your russian history you'll easily spot it.

    plus, the creators of alice and wonderland and disney were all socialist

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