What is the difference between Religion & Spirituality?

I think Spirituality is believing the Universe is alive.

& Religion is believing it expects something of you.

What do you think?

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    That is not a bad interpretation at all. I like it.

    I think by it being alive one an intelligent human being can derive meaning from all of it. So that we can derive beauty or inspiration from all things both both nonhuman beings and nonliving things. Even when man thinks only he can do those things with his mind and say those thoughts cannot exist. It is an untruth. It is not recognizing the order and words of wisdom that is there if men but open up their spiritual eyes to see it.

    Scientifically there is no problem at all seeing the world spiritually. For example men have derived meaning and clarity of understanding of the universe. By observing nature and seeing laws that profoundly impact and govern the existence and sustain it. The laws of gravity, thermodynamics, magnetism, etc. These laws scientific minds men do not make fun of. They have found meaning and clarity and gained knowledge because they recognized it.

    What some fail to understand is that other spiritual qualities exist there as well. The habits of other creatures enables man to better understand himself. The bird taught man how to fly. And Man went beyond them and coupled with his understanding the laws of the universe went on to explore space. The fish and whale taught man how to swim, ride a boat, and coupled with the laws of nature build a submarine.

    As for religion it's true. When man disobeys a law of nature he will pay the price. In nature in living things man can see creatures teaching their young right and wrong. That they have a big responsibility to take care of themself. Not for selfishness but most importantly for survival. If man does not hear the rattling of a rattlesnake he will get bit. A right and wrong does exist in the universe. And religion reaffirms only what is self evident in nature. Man has an obligation for doing what is right and wrong in nature because nature requires the same thing of itself for living and nonliving things.

    But if this is the case and there is intelligence and wisdom hire than man that all nature and other living creatures live by then I believe man does too.

    Again I like what you said. Thanks a lot.


    I think your reasoning is well.

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    Religion and Spirituality are not the same and Spirituality is not dependent on religion. I personally see religion as just a tool for those that wish to use it when advancing on their spiritual path. It is not something that is needed but helps many. For some religion makes their spiritual experience complete and fulfilling and for others like myself it is of no use or value. It's a completely personal choice!


  • Teresa
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    4 years ago

    Yes there is. Religion for the most part is a cult in a large sense of the term. Spirituality is a deeper understanding of something larger than ourselves. A lot of people also bring faith into the equation as being part of a religion. Faith like spirituality is a deeper understanding of something larger than ourselves and believing in it with the sense that things will be all right and that things happen for a reason. You do not need a religion to be spiritual or to have faith neither do you need spirituality or faith to be religious. and vice versa.

  • I think you've already gotten the best points above to add up into your very cleverly intelligent mind.

    Religion is keeping it organized as it regulates a form of group in spirituality, So as 'YES' it requires one to follow through within its set beliefs and principles. It may call for a duty to abide the rules of a certain organization or formed group, whereas

    Spirituality is much more free and uninhibited in beliefs and interactions with the living universe in one's consciousness or creations.

    However the only thing that relates similarity between religion and spirituality is that both have their own (composed) spiritual values regardless of whatever..(specifically whether good or bad)


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Religion is an organization, if you are a member of a religion you are a member of an organization.

    Spirituality is the understanding that all beings and matter are a fragment of the universal consciousness, this not a separate invisible sky fairy, but an all pervading energy source. And as such we are all divine beings whose value is beyond measure.

    Where is the spirituality in religions. There is none. If only the religions would follow even the first commandment, do not kill. Religions fail to meet the basic standard of success let alone promote enlightenment.

    Practicing Shaman... quantum physics rocks.

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    Pretty interesting way to put it.

    I think spirituality is believing that the physical or natural world

    is not all there is - that it was derived from a supernatural

    world and we not only have a physical body, but we are each

    are also spiritual beings with awareness, that our life can not

    be described or explained by physical properties solely.

    A rock has no spirit but we do, in other words. That the decisions

    we make not only affect the physical but also the spiritual world

    while a rock makes no decisions at all.

    Religion has to do with guidelines to the decisions,

    practices, and beliefs.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I believe that spirituality is a belief in a driving force within all of us, while religion is something we have developed as a method of practicing spirituality in communion with others.

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    Religion is how people try to help others find a spiritual link to Our Creator.

    Spirituality is the link between the individual and Our Lord.

    One (religion or spirituality) need not be associated with the other.

    When discussing such things it is always important to remember to:

    Never confuse the practices of the people with the church,

    Never confuse the practices of the church with religion,

    And Never Ever confuse the practices of religion with God.

    May Our Creator watch over you and your family

  • Phoenix Quill....."Religion" is a processional, a particular method of worship according to one's beliefs. Having said that, be it known that "Religion" will not save your Soul. Jesus Christ did NOT say you must "Practice a Religion" in order to be saved and go to Heaven!! As a matter of fact.....the Sadducees and Pharisees....were very very "Religious" leaders.....and Jesus Christ called them "Vipers".

    Why is that??? These "Leaders" had the finest clothes, the best seats in the Synogues, they had the ear of Political leaders and they lived sumptous lives!! The Poor stayed poor, the sick stayed sick, the majority of people had little to eat, while these "Leaders" had their man bang a gong, as they put jewels and bars of gold and silver, in the offering plate. How sad. So...."Religion" is not the answer!!

    "Spirituality".....well here again, there is good and bad too.

    Here again the Jewish "Religious" leaders made long prayers where ever they went, they were so "Pious"....better yet...Puffed Up!! It was all about themselves and how other people thought about them, but they weren't "Saved" either. "Spirituality" is supposed to be about the "Nature of ones Spirit in relation to the Lord". That is one thing too many people do NOT understand.

    Your Body and Soul were created by God. And it is to God that you should be thankful......NOT the Universe.

    YOU and everyone else that has ever lived, are here to answer ONE question; "Will you Beleive in Jesus Christ and be Saved or NOT"???

    Choose carefully My Friend...the rest of Eternity...for YOU...depends on the Answer to that question. But either way, in 100 years from now, you and I and everyone else will KNOW the correct answer to that Question. My only concern then....according to what you want to beleive, will YOU be Right or Wrong??

    Source(s): Remember now......YOUR Eternal Life depends on YOU making the CORRECT answer!!!
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    Religion is organized beliefs with a structure and a leader. Usually it has written text to follow but not always. It includes rituals and traditions. Spirituality is how you are connected in your beliefs. How you live your life!

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