Which are some of the large preschool chains in the USA? I wish to explore franchise opportunities for India.?

I'm in the process of setting up a preschool business in India. It will be a great help getting access to international expertize and experiences.

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    Bright Horizons

    Top 20 List Of Child Day Care Services Companies In The United States

    companies: 1 - 20 of 111,017

    Lincoln, John C Health Network Inc HQ, Phoenix, AZ

    Learning Care Group, Inc HQ, Novi, MI

    Learning Care Group, Inc Chicago, IL

    Lpa Investment Llc HQ, Chicago, IL

    La Petite Academy, Inc HQ, Chicago, IL

    Neighborhood Centers Inc HQ, Bellaire, TX

    Yale-New Haven Hospital Inc HQ, New Haven, CT

    Childtime Childcare, Inc HQ, Novi, MI

    Child Action, Inc HQ, Sacramento, CA

    Howell Public Schools HQ, Howell, MI

    Center For Community And Family Services, Inc HQ, Pasadena, CA

    Caring People Alliance HQ, Philadelphia, PA

    Child Care Associates HQ, Fort Worth, TX

    Redlands Christian Migrant Association, Inc HQ, Immokalee, FL

    Childhood Development Services, Inc HQ, Ocala, FL

    Vyalda, Yeled Childhood Center Brooklyn, NY

    The Sunshine House Inc HQ, Greenwood, SC

    Child Development Schools, Inc HQ, Columbus, GA

    New Horizon Enterprises, Inc HQ, Minneapolis, MN

    The Home For Little Wanderers Inc HQ, Boston, MA

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    Hello this is on the top of the list. It is too good for you and do you really care as soon as you have your benefits. I am damn sure !

    Seedlings Learning


    Penny & Peggy Nairn 24 Hour Child Care, Inc.


    Red Door Learning Montessori 501c(3)


    Just check it out !

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    i do no longer think of chains are the ultimate. i'm a preschool instructor, and in my adventure, I even have found that the non-earnings centers are often greater effective. they typically tend to truly have the infants, father and mom, and staffs ultimate activity at heart. that's to no longer say that there are not undesirable non-earnings available, too. In my adventure, the administration interior the for- earnings are all desirous approximately $$$$, and how plenty the administrators can save the employer, and how enormous their bonus is going to be at X-mas. With the non-earnings, all funds is going back to the middle. additionally, non-earnings tend to pay, and cope with their artwork tension greater effective, meaning much less turn-over, and that's an extremely effortless element in childcare. i'm helpful some chains are solid places, too, no longer all undesirable, fairly one that are NAEYC accepted, which usually skill a greater effective high quality all around.

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    montessori school

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