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中譯英 (唔要網上字典)

1其實這種手機在市場都有好多支持 因為以我所知第一的nolka衣家d售後服務以經比以前差

反而3星的售服務做得唔錯囉..加上手機設計新潮 有一定既市場

2因為尼部手機係最新型號 重有我比較鐘意手機係黑色的 感覺好有型

重有尼個手機既屏幕有3.2吋咁多..非常大的 適合我需要 重有是全輕觸式 方便易用 更進一步

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    售後服務一般叫 after sales service



    手機商叫「全輕觸式」做 Full touch display



    1.In fact, this kind of mobile phone has a lot of supporters in the market. The reason is that the after-sales service of the Nokia, the best seller, has becoming worse than before. On the contrary, the after-sales service of Samsung is not bad at all. Furthermore, its newfangled design will be definitely welcomed by the market.

    2. This mobile phone is the most updated model and it has the black colour which I like most and I feel that it is very stylish. I found the big display as large as 3.2 inches with a full touch function which suits my needs and it is more convenient and user-friendly than before.

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    1. This cellular phone had gained lots of support in the market. It is because the follow-up procedures of Nokia had been worst than before according to my knowledge. On the other hand, 3 star’s retailing service had done a good job and their cellular phone’s design is stylish. Thus it will possess a good portion of the cellular phone market.

    2. Firstly, this cellular phone is the most updated version, and I like black color. Furthermore, this cellular phone’s screen has 3.2 inches wide which is very large and suits my needs. Lastly, it is very convenient and user-friendly.

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    1.Actually this kind of handset has many supports in the market, because knew first nolka by me the clothes d post-sale service by to pass through sells the service compared to the before difference instead 3 stars to be not wrong Luo. In addition the handset design new tide has certainly already the market

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