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急!!!!!!!我有個about 英文作文的問題......


the advantages and disadvantages of Secondary 4 students doing part-time job..........

除了要有point 之外...我重想要呢個文章一開始和最尾要點做???

please~~~~help me~~








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    Advantage: earning money for home, gaining experience that will help with future jobs, learn to become independent

    Disadvantage: lack of time to study for test and do homework, difficult, can't concentrate in school

    I would list the advantages in one paragraph and the disadvantage in another.

    Since the last century, many teenage students have started to do part time jobs to earn money for the family. Many of them even have to work five times a week with minimum wage. ...... Doing part time job have many advantages and disadvantages that may change the students' lives.

    Although there are many disadvantages for teenagers to do part time jobs, it had enabled them to become independent and gained experience that foster their maturity, thus becomes better individuals for future jobs....

    Something like that. Those are some basic ideas i have.

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    1. they can earn more money by themselves.

    2. hv more work experience

    3. make more fd with their colleague


    1. spend less time on their study which may affect their HKCEE

    2. may be cheated by their employer due to lack of experience

    at the begin, u should talk some background about this topic

    at the end, u should conclude and talk about which sides u agreee with.

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