XX公司於西元1993年成立,主要從事運動用品方面的貿易。客戶遍及歐美和日韓,主要客戶為 XXXXXX 。西元1995 ~ 2009 年其間曾分別負責XXXX , XXXX , 的亞洲配合廠商聯絡溝通,並統籌從開發到出貨所有相關事宜。

XXXX 於西元2007年開始正式獲得XXX 以及XXX, 在台灣、港澳、中國等地區的銷售代理權 。

為了順應世界變化的潮流,本公司也積極的朝多元化發展,嘗試跨足不同領域。目前有從事電子業的XXX 公司和生技業XXX公司。


***補充: 我需要較正式的翻譯,不是從翻譯字典 or 網站翻譯資料。謝謝~***

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    XX Company in 1993 was founded in, mainly was engaged in the movement thing aspect the trade. The customer spreads Europe and America and date Han, the main customer is. A. D. 1995 ~ during 2009 once separately was responsible, the Asian coordination manufacturer contact communication, and planned from develops to produces goods all related matters concerned. in 2007 starts in to obtain officially XXX as well as XXX, in local and so on Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, China sales powers of attorney. In order to comply with the world change the tidal current, this company also positive dynasty multiplication development, attempts the cross foot different domain. At present has is engaged in the electronics industry XXX company and lives the technique industry XXX company.

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