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例如:picky(吹毛求疵)-care about anything's detail.

rapport (交往;密切關係)

persistent (堅持不懈的;固執的)

illegal (不合法的)

insignificant (小的;地位低微的)

misunderstanding (誤解;不合)

customary (習慣上的)

run (an) errand (跑腿)

tactic (戰術;策略)

overbearing (傲慢的;逞威風的)

convince (使確信;信服)

forbid (禁止;不許)


algebra (代數學)

parrot (學舌著;機械的模仿;鸚鵡)

egg (someone) on (慫恿某人)

reinforce 增援,加強

marijuana 大麻煙;大麻毒品

slide 滑,滑行,滑動


sauce 調味醬



be allergic to (something)對...過敏



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    rapport (交往;密切關係)-sympathetic and harmonious relationship

    persistent (堅持不懈的;固執的)-refusing to give up

    illegal (不合法的)-against the law;not legal

    insignificant (小的;地位低微的)--having little or no value,use,meaning or importance

    misunderstanding (誤解;不合)-failure to understand rightly or correctly

    customary (習慣上的)--according to custom usual

    run (an) errand (跑腿)take a message or deliver goods for people

    tactic (戰術;策略)--means of achieving sth;expendient

    overbearing (傲慢的;逞威風的)-forcing others to do what one wants(without caring about their feelings);domineering

    convince (使確信;信服)-make sb feel certain;cause sb to realize

    forbid (禁止;不許)--order(sb)not to do sth

    shrimp(無足輕重的人)-(joc or derog謔或貶)very small people

    algebra (代數學)-branch of mathematics in which letters and sumbols are used to represent quantities

    parrot (學舌著;機械的模仿;鸚鵡)-person who repeats sb else's words or imitates his actions without thinking

    egg (someone) on (慫恿某人)--urge or strongly encourage sb to do sth

    reinforce 增援,加強--give more support to (sth);emphasize

    marijuana 大麻煙;大麻毒品-dried leaves and flowers of Indian hemp.usu smoked as a drug

    slide 滑,滑行,滑動--act of sliding

    choir唱詩班;聖樂團--organized group of singers,esp one that performs in church services

    sauce 調味醬-liquid or semi-liquid mixture served with food to add flavour

    sundae聖代冰淇淋--dish of ice-cream with cruched frruit,fruit-juice,nuts,etc

    pretzel椒鹽脆餅-crisp salty biscuit made in the shape of knot or stick

    be allergic to (something)對...過敏--having an allergy to (sth)

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  • 1 decade ago


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