How do you know if your regular home phone is tapped?

How do you know if your regular home phone is tapped?

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    1 decade ago
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    Wire tapping had become so covert it can be very difficult to detect. If you think it is possible that someone has tapped your phone, such as an illegal wire tap, you could help to protect your privacy by purchasing a secure telephone. Basically the phone has end-to-end voice encryption technology to prevent a third party from listening in. There are also secure phones and adapters for use if your using VOIP. Secure phones used to be very difficult to purchase but with the more common use of internet digital phones and cell phones, the need for protecting ones phone calls and privacy has opened these products up to the public more than ever.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    The governement can and does faucet telephone calls made the two by employing cellular telephones and land strains. particular phrases set off the recorder to start recording a communication and no remember if that's deemed to be a attainable subject then they touch the community government interior the area the place that communication became made to learn it out or arrest the guy/persons in contact.

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    You don't. It can be done inconspicuously at the central office.

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