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Do British people really put butter on sandwiches?

I'm talking MEAT sandwiches, like pastrami. Do they really put butter on them??? Or is butter in Britain different from butter in the US??


Well I've never heard of anyone putting butter on a meat sandwich before. I use avocados all the time though. I live in the Western USA. Maybe those wierdos in the East put butter on their sandwiches as they are more closely related to all things British.

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    When I was growing up, I never heard of mayo, we did not have any in my house. My mother always made my sandwich with butter. Like baloney or ham sometimes with cheese sandwich etc with butter. As a little kid I didn't know what mayo was. Of course kids don't like mustard either. Eating a sandwich with butter was normal for me. I am not British, I grew up in New Jersey, USA

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    Butter Sandwich

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    As far as I can see, the idea is to lubricate the bread so that it slips down your throat. If you don't use some kind of lubricant, (which would also prevent the bread form absorbing moisture from your gullet), then you might have a hard time swallowing. Margarine is just processed fat, butter is somewhat better. You could use dripping, but that's very greasy. Oils too, depending on taste. So, yes, 'British people' ... as if we are some kind of strange creature, do put butter on their sandwiches. So do most other nations where I have bought sandwiches .... 'American people' too.

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    Do British people really put butter on sandwiches?

    I'm talking MEAT sandwiches, like pastrami. Do they really put butter on them??? Or is butter in Britain different from butter in the US??

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    British butter is the same as Australian butter- made from cream from dairy cows I don't know what American butter is but then given that Americans like to give things a different name to everywhere else in the world my mind boggles!

    I've never met anyone who didn't put butter or margarine on all of their sandwiches except for the freaks who use avocado. I'm Australian but I have a substantial number of British rellies.

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    I put butter or margarine on sandwiches to keep the bread from getting soggy. I do this especially on tuna or chicken salad sandwiches packed for school or work lunch. Just a small amount to keep the mayo or sliced tomatoes ruining the bread. I don't even taste the butter and it really keeps the sandwich freash tasting.

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    What? why wouldn't you put butter on a sandwich? It tastes nice. I thought that was normal. Aren't the margarine ads always showing their margarine being spread on pieces of bread? I always presumed that the bread was being used for a sandwich after. And margarine is just a butter replacement anyway.

    I'm not british though. and I don't put butter on my sandwiches, but I don't really eat sandwiches that much...

    Doesn't sound british to me.

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    I don't think it is that ethnic but heimlich people of all nationalities in Europe might butter their sandwichs and also butter & mustard. A roasted chicken sandwich with butter is very good tasting.

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    Yes they do. I'm American too - it was a bit of a shock the first time I encountered it. I did not like it much.

    And I am from the East Coast (land of good deli) so I can say that no, we don't put butter on sandwiches. Mayo, maybe some spicy mustard...butter, no.

    Other European nationalities do it as well. I had a German friend who put butter on her baloney sandwiches.

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    you should put the peanut butter on first because it is sticky and thicker, if you put the jelly on first then the peanut butter will be hard to spread, or you could put peanut butter on one piece of bread or toast and jelly or jam on the other piece! either way it will taste just like it is suppose to although you may have to practise a few times to get it right if you have never made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before! and yes they are delicious! good luck! =] i sure hope this helped you make your first peanut butter and jelly sandwich! ♥Kaylee

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