I'm type one, where does my insulin come from?

Is novalog and humalog and lantus human insulin? Not from pigs right? I have been a vegetarian and don't wanna take their insulin.

Only nice comments... please.


I know I could die, but I would just ask for the human insulin.

Update 2:

I know about diabetes and that stuff, I meant the injectable insulin.

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    Don't worry. Most insulin is now produced in laboratories using bacteria and cloning methods. I'm not sure about areas outside of the USA and Canada, but I know Eli Lilly & Co. stopped producing beef and pork derived insulin over 15 years ago. I had to go to a diabetes specialist who recommended that I stop using Lilly insulin, because many type 1 diabetics were not adjusting well with Lilly humalin. I had been using three kinds of Novolin since November, 1993, but I stopped mixing Novolin N with Novolin R for my morning dose of insulin about three years ago, without a doctor's advice. It felt very odd not to mix my insulin for about four days, because I'd always mixed my insulin since I was twelve and a half or thirteen years old. I know that I should keep a bottle of R around for emergencies. but I'm extremely sensitive to it, even more than I was before I went through menopause. Less than one unit, even a 1/3 of one unit, could make my blood sugar go very low within less than three hours.

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    YOUR insulin comes from the pharmacy!

    When insulin was first discovered, it was made by grinding up the pancreases of pigs AND cows, and filtering out the insulin. The pancreases were obtained from slaughter houses.

    There is very little, if any, insulin now manufactured that comes from pigs or cows. Almost all insulin manufacturers have dropped the animal-based production as being too expensive. Besides, there are more side effects (allergic reactions) to the pig and cow insulin than to the "other kind".

    The "Other Kind" is Recombinant DNA insulin (The Eli Lilly version is called Humulin). This insulin does NOT come from humans! It is made by using DNA technology to modify E. Coli germs such that they produce insulin instead of poisons. This insulin is chemically identical to human insulin. Recombinant DNA insulin is very easy to produce in HUGE quantities, and production is not limited by some outside source -- like the number of cows or pigs slaughtered.

    The resulting insulin is filtered and purified. Because of this it has far fewer allergic reactions than other insulins.

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    Both Novalog and Lantus are different types of human insulin. They are recombinant, which means that they are made from human genes. Try looking on your vials or pens (whichever you use) and somewhere it should mention that the insulin is of rDNA origin. rDNA origin simply means that the insulin is a recombinant of human DNA.

    I can't say about Humalog though, because I have never used it. However, most types of insulin today are recombinant of human DNA. Pig insulin was used before the discovery of recombinant insulin.

    I hope this helps

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    Does human insulin come from humans?

    ANSWER: Does cotton candy come from cotton? Think of it that way because human insulin does not come from the human body but is made synthetically to imitate the look and qualities of insulin from the human pancreas.

    Most diabetics in this country who take insulin today receive preparations that are taken from the pancreas' of animals namely, pigs and cows. Synthetically-made human insulin, however, is becoming more and more popular, not only because of its decreased cost, but because doctors find that some of their patients experience allergic reactions to animal insulins and others, over time, build up a resistance to the drug that they so desperately need to stabilize their diabetic condition.

    It seems that human insulin does not cause these reactions as often as animal insulins do.

    So, it is also preferred by doctors when they prescribe insulin for special situations.

    For instance, I would prescribe human insulin for a pregnant diabetic woman because animal insulins might interfere with the immune system of the fetus. I would also suggest human insulin for the newcomer to insulin therapy.

    And I would advise any diabetic on oral medications, who is in the hospital for surgery or whatnot, to use the human insulin during his or her hospital stay. If someone needs to use insulin from time to time, I would recommend human insulin.

    In addition, researchers are hopeful that human insulin can somehow work against the complications that many diabetics experience from diabetes; complications that involve nerve, eye, and kidney damage.

    No proof of this exists yet, though.

    If you know someone who is stable on a purified pork or mixed beef/pork insulin, there is no reason to change to human insulin, unless, of course, his or her doctor recommends such as switch.

    This is a great answer, even if I say so myself...

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    You okay as a vegetarian. Your insulins are not made from animals.

    Special bacteria have been given human DNA to secret human insulin, so unless you have a concern about genetic engineering, there is nothing to worry about.

    One could still try to argue that the introduction of human DNA to the bacteria makes the insulin a "people product". But breast milk is a "people product" too, regardless of whose breast the baby is getting it from.

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    All 3 insulins you mentioned are insulin analogs (man made).

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    It is better for diabetics to eat slow burning carbs: potatoes, peanut butter, vegetables, breads, dairy products, etc. VS. fast burning carbs: candy, sugared soda, cakes, ice cream, anything high in sugar. Just know what your carb/insulin ratios (how much insulin you have to give yourself for the amount of carbs you are intaking) are. Adjust according to the amount of carbs(sugars) you are intaking. And, you should be fine. Natural sugars are better than processed sugars.

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    Diabetes Type I, also known as "lean diabetes or insulin, is caused by the destruction, following an immune dysfunction (autoimmune disease), cells producing insulin in the pancreas.

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