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Poll: Chocolate Pain and Acidic Frustration. Does anyone else have these sensations too?

There are a couple weird sensations I get sometimes, and when I mention them, some people know what I mean and others think I'm crazy. So, read the three I can think of and tell me if you've ever had any of them.

1. When I get really really frustrated, my jaw tenses up and I feel like there's acid in my muscles. Sometimes it happens in my temples too.

2. When I eat a lot of (generally low quality) chocolate really fast, the sides of my tongue hurt. Imagine sucking on a lot of Hershey's kisses.

3. Finally, when I get really nervous about something, the lower sides of my back feel acidic in the same way my jaw does. Actually, it sort of feels like cramps but can happen anytime. Guys especially, does this one happen to you?

I think these are all sort of like butterflies in the stomach and brain freezes, except it seems that the majority of people do know about those ones. Do you have any to add?

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    1. No, I get a twitch in my eye when I get really mad that I can't control.

    2. Sometimes

    3. When I get nervous about something it's easy to actually make myself physically sick.

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