Will someone tell me the winning Superlotto for Ca. tonite? I am at work and blocked out.?

I am at work and blocked out of the site....Thanks 10 of us are waiting at work...

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    In spite of people telling you that any individual number has an equal chance of being drawn you will never see 1,2,3,4,5, or 6 in a row in your life time when you are trying to pick several numbers from the same pool of numbers. This is because there is a BALANCE TO RANDOMNESS when multiple numbers are being picked from a pool of numbers. If all you are trying to pick is one number out of 53 than yes, each individual one number has an equal chance of being chosen. This all changes when you are trying to pick multiple random numbers out of the same pool of numbers. Out of, say, a pool of 53 numbers, you will see numbers somewhat spread out from 1 to 53 within the range of the numbers of the particular Lotto you are playing. The major Lotto games have you choose five numbers with a separate mega number. This being so, your 5 numbers should add up to around 150 to 165. Add up the last 100 lotto results and see what the average totals are. Pick your numbers to add up within that range. As your mega number use the number that is the most frequent one picked from the stats given on the lotto website. Or just use any mega number as this is the case where any one number is just as likely to be drawn as any other number. Good luck.

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    CA SuperLotto Plus for Wed Mar 11, 2009.... 08-15-34-38-47**02

    If you have iGoogle and can access it at work, you can add the US lottery or CA lottery gadget to your page.

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