what are the pros and cons for getting the cinammon swirl bunny from babw?

ok please ppl who are a fan of babw or work at build a bear. i need u 2 list me the pros and cons for getting the cinammon swirl bunny and the curly teddy.

Thank You!

P.S. I'm ordering online

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    Cinnamon Swirl:


    -Soft fur

    -Looks girly

    -Bunnies always have fun ears on them! =)

    -You get a cool prize when you get the birth certificate and bring it to life online at Buildabearville.com

    -good size

    -Can sit, or you can make it look like it's standing

    -It's almost easter

    -The bunny is current, just came out recently.

    -Fits in all the clothes


    -Bunnies aren't traditional

    -It looks girly-maybe you want a boy?

    -It's eyes are fancy, like look like they have make-up


    Curly Teddy:


    -a very traditional teddy bear

    -plain, so it can be a girl or boy

    -clothes will fit it

    -nice sized

    -sits down well

    -It has a really cute face


    -Older bear, came out YEARS ago

    -It can't stand very well because it has weird limbs

    -Sometimes it's head isn't stuffed right so it wobbles around in it's neck.

    -Not as popular anymore

    -Doesn't have a good BABV prize

    -Fur is a little stiff

    Source(s): I work at BABW. =)
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