Condensing logarithmic expressions?

I'm behind in school from being sick and would really appreciate some help with this problem, I'm supposed to condense it into a single quantity:

1/3[lnx^9 - lny^12]

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    By having a number in front of a log, you can turn it into an exponent on the variable:

    1/3(lnx^9) = lnx^9/3 = lnx^3

    1/3(lny^12) = lny^12/3 = lny^4

    Now you have:

    lnx^3 - lny^4

    When you subtract logs in the same base (here, the base is e) and want to condense the expression down to one log, you will divide. (When you are adding, you multiply):

    ln (x^3/y^4)

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    Condensing Logarithmic Expressions

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    The exponents are brought down.




    when subtracting natural logarithims, divide each other


    This is as far as you can go!

    Hope this helps!

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    1 decade ago

    (ln(x^9 / y^12) )/ 3

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