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Modeling Agencies, ABQ New Mexico?

I live in Albuquerque New Mexico, I am 13 and people recommend to me to be a model. I have the model type figure, skinny and lanky yet with enough shape to fill out an outfit, and very long legs and torso.

I need a modeling agency name/number for Albuquerque New Mexico.


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    There are a couple of shady agencies here, and there are a couple of great ones. Most agencies have focued a lot of their resources to developing actors with the rise of Tamalewood, but there is always a need for models in print and commercials.

    There are some SAG franchised agencies such as the Phoenix Agency (located off Washington and Alameda - and the O-Agency. It was formerly known as the Eaton Agency, but I believe they're under new ownership. They're site is Some others to consider are Applause and Maja.

    I would steer clear of places like John Robert Powers. There a school and not an agency. Although they have an agency sharing a building with them, I haven't heard good things about it.

    I encourage you to get some basic headshots before meeting with these agencies. There are some great photographers who aren't too expensive. I believe Bob Mares is one of the best. Another one to consider is Lindsey Powell. Both can be found through Google, or MySpace.

    Meet with different agencies and ask them what they can do FOR YOU before signing with one. Not all of them will fit your needs or be a match you're completely confident about.

    You also might want to consider pageants. It's another idea and there are some great ones in town that you might be interested in. It's just another avenue to that ambition.

    Good luck.

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