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Where can I find information about culture in Iraq?

I can not use wikipedia. The main points that I am looking for are:

1. art/literature

2. gender relations

3. science/technology

I have looked all over google and wikipedia and every site gives me everything but what I'm looking for.

Any answer would be appreciated!

Thank you!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hi.. Iam from Kurdistan region which is a part of Iraq. I dont know how you couldnt get anything about Iraq from Google or Wikipedia especially for Art\Litreature. I may suggest you to visit: then search for Iraq and you may find what you want. and iam sure that you can read about Iraq from wikipedia. and If you know arabic or Kurdish language i may give you some more website addresses and even get connected to real people from Iraq so that they answer your quesions.. But i know that you cant find anything about science and technology in Iraq because its a country from the third wolrld. there is no invention in science and technology in Iraq if you want to Know about this, so there is no history of science and technology in Iraq too. and for gender relations you can specify your questions about this subject or anything else and send it to my e-mail address and i will try to answer all of your questions rrelating to iraq and kurdistan coz iam from there.

  • Erika
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    i really do not imagine that the U. S. troops already there have left most of the approach of life of the country for all and sundry to pattern. From the television images apparently that Iraq is a united states of america less than career by using a unfavorable rigidity & the individuals are in melancholy. they don't have any normality & stay daily in consistent concern. are you able to imagine strolling down the substantial street at your position of abode city & there are armed troops in each doorway, mines & bombs going off everywhere, little ones unable to get an coaching because the school is getting used as a save by using US protection rigidity. We so-calles civilised international places must be properly & extremely ashamed for a fashion the conventional Iraqi human beings are being dealt with. the girls human beings, little ones & probable multiple the adult adult males have finished no longer something incorrect except be born in a united states of america that has Oil reserves George Bush needs to get his palms on. this warfare is about money, oil & no longer something else.

  • 1 decade ago

    Culture? Iraq? Don't lie to yourself.

    But seriously, Kite Fighting is all I know, sorry.

    Maybe CIA World Factbook may help?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    google is broken?

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