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What's a four-wheel drive and a rear-wheel drive?

like if it's a rear wheel drive...does that mean like when you accelerate...those back wheels are the ones to move (have pressure) and the front wheels just get rolled along?

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    rear wheel drive does not go good in snow or ice at all!! but rear wheel drive is where only the rear wheels get the car/truck going there are some vehicles that are rear wheel drive that with the touch of a button or shift of a gear shift can be put into 4 wheel drive and some vehicles come in 4 whell drive stock an example is a lot of the suberu cars and some cars are even front wheel drive which is just like the rear whell drive except the front whels get the car moving. hope this helps

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    Yes you are absolutely right about both the rear wheel and the four-wheel drive. Just like you said the back wheels hold all of the pressure while the front wheels just roll along. And on the four-wheel drive both the back and front wheels have the exact same pressure so that way they can have more extraction for getting out of snow or mud.

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    Yes. Exactly right. and 4 wheel drive means the front wheels pull and the back ones push. So if you are stuck in the snow you have a better chance of getting out with a 4 wheel drive because the front/back wheels "help" the ones that are stuck.

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    Angel you got it. Simply , rear wheel drive mean the back wheels are powered by the motor, 4 wheel drive means all four wheels are powered by the motor. 4 wheel drive s use a little more gas as the motor has to power to sets of wheels . Hope that that is plain english enough for you. I could have given you the technical version but I thought this would be easier. Anyway hope that help you . Thanks

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    Yup thats right.

    I dont know who said it before but RWD (rear wheel drive) is NOT better in icy conditions!!!! front wheel drive or four wheel drive is better, RWD is better for sporty cars and is too easy to loose control on ice and snow.

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    yeah rear wheel drive means that only the back wheels drive, this is better on icy or slipery roads. 4 wheel is were all 4 drive. i use this for getting more traction to get out of mud. if your looking for a car the type of drive depends on were you live

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