project help: Lebanon state on the demographic transition model?

i'm doing a project on lebanon and one thing required is to include what stage on the demographic transition model lebanon is but i cant find it.

so if any of you know that would really help me


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    Lebanon in an interesting demographic and social model, unique in the world, in the early 1500 it consisted 50/50 of Christians and Druze, afterwards, due to the terrorism against christians by the turkish occupation in the orient , christians started going morea nd more to Lebanon, in the 1940's Lebanon consisted of 60 % of Christians and 40% of muslims, during the war perid and specially after the israeli agressions than the israeli and syrian occupations Christians started traveling so now there is 50% Christians and 50% Muslims and druze have become a minority, and one special thing on LEBANON is that he LEBANESE abroad (15 millions) are almost 3 times more than the LEBANESE in LEBANON (4 millions)

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    hi ... I'm lebanese , lebanon is a small growing country (population), with a democratic political system but there is one party that is really evil , that has weapons , so they use their weapons to turn lebanon into a small version of iran ... so in that case , better say good bye to democracy , good bye to that prize we got for best night club in the world , and good bye sexy belly dancers ... so you have that , and the fact that people from the country are coming to the major cities ... so you figure it out , I just wanted to share a few thoughts with you ... and I didn't name the evil party cos you know ,they lurk in every corner and every site O.o

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