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I had a new gas steam furnace installed now my pipes are banging?

everytime the heat comes on..

I have replaced all of the pressure releive valves and it still bangs.

what can i do

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    Don't touch the radiators, you don't have to bleed them because they are steam. It sound like the condensed water from the steam is having a problem flowing back to the furnace. The plumbers may have installed a smaller pipe on the steam head. You are getting water hammer in the lines. This is caused by the steam trying to go up to the radiators and the condensed water is trying to get back to the furnace and somewhere in between they are colliding causing the water hammer. You may have to call them back to either put a larger feed or change the pitch of the pipe so the water can flow back before the steam builds up. No danger just noisy. You may have more steam from the new unit than the old and the pipes need to be enlarged or pitch changed to take the additional upgrade. When you say pressure relief valves you mean the air vents on each radiator, right?

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    Once you've replaced the pressure relief valves you've allowed air into the system. Bleed each radiator until water comes out then quickly tighten the valve. Do this to every radiator. It may take doing this a few times over a couple of days but it WORKS ! !

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    percentis code because of fact of condensation and corrosion that varieties in a sealed combustion chamber that the he, intense temp furnaces have. till Greenpeace can advise a exchange, the main secure venting cloth is p.c.. Their internet site has possibilities for low temperature purposes, although.

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