How many moles of iodine are in 0.396 mol of Ca(IO3)2?

How many grams of calcium iodate are needed to supply the iodine indicated in (a) above? [Iodized salt contains a trace amount of calcium iodate, Ca(IO3)2, to help prevent a thyroid condition called goiter.]

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    Ca(IO3)2 is composed of Ca(2+) and 2 IO3(-)

    for one mole of Ca(IO3)2 there are 2 moles of iodine:

    1 mol Ca(IO3)2 => 2 mol I


    0.396 mol Ca(IO3)2 => 0.792 mol I

    therefore, there are 0.792 moles of iodine present.

    find grams of calcium iodate:

    0.396 mol x (389.88 g / mol) = 154.39 g

    therefore, one would need 154.39 grams of calcium iodate in order to supply the iodine indicated.

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