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what was a german bmd leader in world war 2?

plz i need this answer 4 tomorrow so i can get extra credit in english so i dont fail english

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    You probably mean to ask, "what was a German Bund Leader". That would make sense. The German Bund was an association of german nationals living in different countries than in Germany.

    There were Bund organizations in many western countries, most notably the US and Great Britain. The leader of the English fascist movement was Sir Oswald Mosby. He was detained for the duration.

    In the US there was a very strong Bund movement, amongst German immigrants and/or nationals living in the US. It was particularly strong in the east, around New York City.

    The Bund was a social organization on the surface, it planned picnics and neighborhood get togethers of folks in order to fill them with the Nazi party line, that was for foreign consumption, not the domestic propganda of Goebells.

    The leader of the American Bund, whose name escapes me, was arrested and imprisoned for the duration by the FBI, on some trumphed up charge of embezzelment of Bund funds, although no one had signed any complaint.

    The held rallies in Madison Square Garden before U.S. entry into WW2 and got 25,000 goose stepping, brown shirted, sastika wearing Americans to dance around the standard.

    If you search for American Bund you will find the particulars.

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    a Nazi

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