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What do killifish eat?

I bought a small goldish killifish from petco last night and when i feed him flakes(which is what i feed my other fish) he just spits them back out.

Is he really eating them or do i need to get different food?

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    Try this. It looks like they like eating live things instead of flakes. This website says all the different things you can feed a killifish.

    Hope that helped! :)

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    Killifish feed primarily on aquatic arthropods such as insect (mosquito) larvae, aquatic crustaceans and worms. It is reported by the killifish collector Rudolf Koubek that areas in Gabon where the streams lack killifish (due to pollution or other causes) are rife with malaria, which is spread by a mosquito. Some species of Orestias from Lake Titicaca are planktonic filter feeders. Others, such as Cynolebias and Megalebias species and Nothobranchius ocellatus are predatory and feed mainly on other fish.

    Source(s): typed in box on wikipedia killifish.
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    Killifish prefer live food, and will take most kins which are small enough for them to eat, including daphnia, river worms and small crustaceans. They enjoy live insects, but you should not be tempted to capture these from around your home or garden, as this risks introducing toxins and disease to the aquarium. Most species can be persuaded to accept flakes, though for best results you should supply them with a varied diet.

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