Honda Accord - 2006 EX V4 (Computerised wheel alignment / wheel balancing)?

Can anyone let me know how frequently do the following things need to be done on Honda Accord 2006 EX V4 model car?

1) Computerized Wheel Alignment

2) Wheel Balancing (Is this done when old set of tires are being replaced by a set of new tires)

3) Tire rotation ( frequency / how many miles)

Thanks in advance.

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    For me and what I do w/my Accord of the same year:

    1) Never aligned the car yet. But probably will do it whenever I get new tires/wheels

    2) Probably when I also get new rims/tires.

    3) Tire rotation for me has been done every 3500-4500 miles. I do this whenever I get an oil change. This has been working very well for me when addressing tire wear, etc.

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    4 years ago

    Computerised Wheel Alignment

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    If I see the tread wear is uneven across the tire, if my tire is cupping or in any way wearing abnormally I'll go in for an alignment.

    If I feel any vibration or shimmy I'll check out the tires and consider balancing the wheels.

    Some recommend rotating every 6 thousand miles or so. On a Honda if the front tires have more tread than the back regardless of miles, I'll leave them alone. I want the best tires up front where I need the traction.

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    4 years ago

    searching for abnormal tire positioned on is one way. the way inspite of the truth it really is to stumble on a superb flat immediately stretch of street at a time even as there is little site visitors, with the motorized vehicle vacationing between fifty 5 and sixty 5 mph, eliminate your palms from the steerage wheel. A motor vehicle with a suitable wheel alignment and tire rigidity gained't glide left or suitable yet stay immediately heading in the right direction. it really is in effortless words meant to be a short unofficial examine of your alignment, in case you have not had a mechanic seem at your the front end suspension and alignment for any length of time( 2 years or 20,000 miles) it really is a good theory to have some preventative upkeep finished. it really is going to value you a lot less interior the lengthy run.

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