What are unique facts about you?

Me, I have been to two concerts:

-Britney Spears

-Carrie Underwood

I want to be a Fashion Designer and Magazine Editor.

I use contact lenses.

Have a BlackBerry.

Was allergic to Stuffed Animals when I was a toddler (or at least told to be).

I paint my nails in colors like orange, green, blue, red, hot pink, etc.


I love rice pudding and corn pancakes :)

I love writing and hate school.

I have had lice once when I was like 1 and a half.

Update 2:

I love graphic design.

I love to text, too.

I hate country music but like Carrie Underwood's.

I've been to Aruba at least 8 times.

Update 3:

My favorite celebs currently are (accurate):

-Kate Hudson

-Carrie Underwood

-Selena Gomez

-Demi Lovato

-Cameron Diaz

-Rachel Bilson

-Kate Winslet

-Reese Witherspoon

-Anna Faris

I hate:

Miley Cyrus

Paris Hilton (BIMBO!)

I like writing books, and short stories, and poems and my own music and lyrics (which reminds me) but they are usually all girly, some may say shallow... but like, I'm not shallow. Quite frankly, I am just being a girl ;0)

Update 4:

As a matter of fact, the first time I watched an episode of FRIENDS it was one where Rachel is jealous that Ross is dating a Chinese woman, and it was in the part that Rachel and her pretended secretly to make up but then when she left, Rachel goes... "What a manipulative b-tch." She felt backstabbed but her plan backfired anyway so it was useless and particularly in that episode, she was priceless! I love, love, love, love JENNIFER ANISTON. Oh and speaking of Jen, have you heard she's pregnant? Well, I have! Many magazines have confirmed and she doesn't appear to deny it, yay I'm just simply so happy for her... and I'm sure it won't get rejected or denied or whatever ;-)

Update 5:

My Fave Colors are Blue, Green and Orange (Any Type, sorta) but my most drastically dramatic and outrageous is GOLD most definitely! It's like my actual FAVE! Anyway, I am girly and glitzy and love to smell fresh and scented with like Juicy perfume, something like that!

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    i was in the hospital on my 4th bday... really shitty bday for me...

    my phone is a samsung alias

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