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What makes ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. more valid than FOX news?

I take my news from the leftist newspapers, and the right wing FOX channel.

How do you know one is more valid than the other?


They check facts? Like Dan Rather did?

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  • Bryan
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    Nothing because they are all guilty of the same thing in general. The bias which is perceived stems from the way stories are reported. Some stories are under-reported while others are over reported. Consider it this way. Go back and review how many favorable stories are reported regarding Obama on the three outlets you mention. Then check how many negative stories are reported. Then do the same thing with Fox. In the first instance you will find more positive and fewer negatives. Conversely you will find more negatives on Fox. The reverse was true when Bush was President. All do some reporting on both sides of the issue though. The simple answer is that you will not get the whole story from any one news source.

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    I'm actually surprised at some of the answers. There are a few nut jobs; but they're all pretty accurate.

    Since CNN came on the air. All networks have been reduced "tabloid" news. There is cherry-picking. MSNBC & NBC are owned by GE (J.Immelt). Immelt and GE have strong democrat leanings. Immelt has been linked to the current White House cabinet.

    I'm not sure on the ownership of CBS and FOX. Fox seems to have centrist leanings and some conservative shows. They do this in order offer a contrast to what is heard on the other stations (MSNBC, CBS and NBC). FOX does appear to be gaining viewership and their coverage seem to have more facts than the others.

  • Anonymous
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    Nothing. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, your leftist newspapers, etc. are all far less valid than Fox News. Overall, Fox News is your best bet, the so-called "conservative bias" is relatively minute compared to the extreme liberal left slant of the rest of the mainstream drive-by media, networks or newspapers. Fox News actually is pretty fair and balanced; it only SEEMS biased BY CONTRAST because the other networks are so far left they make anybody less leftist look like John Birch. Anyway, conservative bias is generally a lot less harmful, and a lot less expensive, than liberal leftist bias.

    But that's leftist-think for you: anything less leftist than the radical left they call biased and fascist.

    P. S. All Bush-haters are irrational and suck hard on Obama's... you know. *wink*

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    The others swing so far to the left it is ridiculous. Some of the shows on Fox News are right wing, O'Reilly and Hannity to name a few, but their general news reporting is closer to center than any other news station. Now some libs are going to call me a liar and give me thumbs down because Fox doesn't cater to the Clintons and Obamaniacs, but that's ok.

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  • CJ G
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    1 decade ago

    ABC CBS and NBC are alleged Left Wing Mass Media while FOX is allegedly Right Wing Mass Media.

    Both sides report only what they want, and what they want you to see. The difference is to whom they think they're catering to.

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    Fox is owned and operated by the same Filthy Rich Fat Cats who funded the Bush for president campaigns as well as the ads that told filthy lies lies about the Dem. candidates. They would never report any neg. facts about the Disaster that was the 8 years we suffered with that retarded Bush boy in the white house! There is a REASON that Crooked Dick ordered every TV switched to Fox "news" in the hotels etc. before Bush arrived. As Bush's approval rating NOSE DIVED, his handelers kept him away from the public so that he wouldn't hear people yelling the truth at him, they kept him convinced that he was always right, when asked "What mistakes have you made over the past 8 years " Bush answered ,after a long pause, "Can't think a any at da momunt uhhh may be WMDs?"

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    Fox, like the NY Post is purposefully sensational to grab attention & draw viewership. Fox seems to use this as a business model to draw "customers". It doesn't seem to think that it is in the business to advance society by offering balanced reporting...

  • Ktcyan
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    1 decade ago

    Listen for bias and examine the types of stories they cover. Media conglomerates should be required to be unbiased and just report the news, but they use their stations for political purposes, this violates the first amendment, but it works for them. I've found that if you try to find independent media source and vary your listening/watching it is the only way to weigh it for yourself. Most news today is bull****. we don't even knows what goes on outside of our country anymore, I feel like a mushroom.

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    They're all biased to an extent but they're not useless. If you filter out the editorializing and just cherry-pick the facts, you generally get good information from any of them.

  • 1 decade ago

    As Tucker Carlson suggested, some conservative outlets (ahem) don't do a very diligent job of vetting their information.

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