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How would you write the sound of a heart monitor?

You know the heart monitor at the hospitals? Well, I'm writing a novel and I need to know how you would write that sound. You know, like onomatopoeia? Like I don't know, "Beep~Beep~Beep" or something, lol I don't know, help!

Or if not the heart monitor, the sound of heavy breathing, like when if you're waking up in the hospital and all you hear is your breathing, your heart, the heart monitor, and murmurs coming from the nurses. So can you describe any of those sounds (except for the nurses, of course)?

Or if you don't know those ^ any other sound in a hospital... :D

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    The steady rhythm of the heart monitor's beeping pierced the silence of the hospital. Each time it echoed down the white halls was a reassurance that life was still here. It gave hope that a heart was still beating.


    The steady rise and fall of her chest. Her breathing came in short bursts and fell away for what seemed a moment too long for anyone to hold their breath.


    The heart monitor followed the steady beat inside her chest and called out in it's voice "She's still here." With every beat and every moment the lines dashed up and down on the screen, a life was hanging in the balance of that steady sound.

    Oh goodness, I have no idea. But I just wrote a whole bunch of random stuff so if you like it GREAT, if not, oh well. Hope that helped a little bit.

    Good luck with your writing!

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    Heart Rate Monitor Sound

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    Heart Monitor Sound

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    how about something like:

    " I woke up disoriented. It took me a moment to remember that I was in a hospital. I could hear the gentle beeping of a heart rate monitor beside me. 'My own heart,' I thought. I could also hear the patient on the other side of my room. I couldn't see him through the curtain, but I could hear him complaining to the nurse. "

    I thought that was pretty good, but that's just me. I hope it was some help. =D

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    Perhaps you could say that the person was confused... that their ears were ringing... like a swan song

    a high pitched ringing on and off that they couldn't shake away

    swan song could make a good parallel as it is something you hear once and then never again

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    The judgemental beat

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    Maybe, but I'm not 100%

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    beep beep beep

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    prolonged monotonous beep

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