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Florida Unemployment Benefits..... Help?


I have a few questions. I have never collected benefits so please forgive my ignorance.

I started collecting unemployment benefits in the state of Florida in late January. I still have another 2900 to collect at $207 a week.

question 1. When my benefits run out, do i physically have to go to the website and apply for an extension or is it automatic?

question 2. When do you start receiving benefits? ( i have them automatically deposited into my checking acct)

question 3. How long is the benefit extension? I have never collected unemployment benefits until January 09.

How does this "extra $25 from the state work? The website says that they will begin the end of March, but is it a separate payment? is it weekly? And how long should I expect to receive it?

Thank you so much in advance for the answers, as the website is a joke as are the phonelines.


Thank you everyone that has answered honestly, all your expertise is welcome ... I am currently receiving benefits and claim my weeks biweekly, on monday via the website. I wasnt sure if I needed to wait until my benefits are exhausted and reapply for the extension or if it is automatically ongoing. I dont have a problem reapplying but I just need to know the process as y benefits will run out soon enough.... And I really dont want to wait for a letter in the mail telling me the next step, I will go nuts in the meantime. I figured someone would have the 1st hand experience and let me know in laymens terms all the steps AFTER I have already been receiving benefits.

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    Ah, something im well versed on.

    I am on Unemployment thru Florida finally, be prepared to be very VERY patient.

    Q1 - You can apply for an extension online. you have to apply for it.

    Q2 - I myself applied Dec.12th., i did not receive a determination (in my favor) until Jan.27th, but that might be longer than normal because my employer contested my unemployment claim, and they lost. (ha ha)

    If you go to the website, click on Claim Your Weeks, then Claim form in English, put in your state and Zip code, then your SSN and the pin number you picked in your initial claim, then hit the button Get Claim Information.

    That gives you detailed info you the current status of your claim.

    I got direct deposit too, I file every other Monday,as will you, and get my deposit on Wednesday.

    Q3 - Benefits last 24 weeks, with a 16 week extension. The extra 25 bucks is just added to your check.

    You couldnt be more right that the website and the phone are a joke. Luckily here in my small central florida town (Sebring) I ran into a lady at the Jobbank that was very helpful to me or I would still be scratching my head.

    If you have any more question just ask, ill be here.

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    1) It is usually automatic

    2) You should have or will get a letter telling you when

    3) I think it is for a year...I could not find much info on it.

    4) It is totally separate from your unemployment it will come in a letter that will say important FAC information inside but it is really a check for 25 dollars. It is weekly.I think it is the whole time you are on unemployment.

    Source(s): Various websites through google.
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    As a conservative state with a Republican governor I would expect that as a Floridian you wouldn't have any unemployment benefits. No sucky-sucky off the government's teat. Better start dumpster diving and find yourself a nice big cardboard box.

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