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Railroad crossing safety question?

Suppose you're in a rural area where there are no gates, flashing lights, etc. at a railroad crossing. If you're in your car and you're approaching the crossing, what should you do?


I'd like to thank everyone who answered my question. I see that many fail to take even a small amount of time to ensure their safety and the safety of anyone else that may be in the vehicle. Some of them lose their lives, their friend's lives, and/or their family's lives because of the failure to stop, look, and listen. It all depends on who was in the vehicle.

Since there were a few fantastic answers, I am going to put this question to a vote.

Once again, thank you for your answers!

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    Stop, Look, Listen. But what does that really mean?

    Stop is self explanatory, but I'll add this; Stop back as far as possible, with a minimum of 50 feet, whenever practical. Keep in mind a derailment can happen any place at any time. Give yourself some room, unless being killed in a freak accident is on your list of things to do today. Hedge your bet and increase the odds of survival.

    Look, means a real look, not just a glance. Rarely do people take into account that locomotives also shove cars around, not always pulling them. If you glance down the track and see the end of a boxcar, unless you really pay attention, it is easy to assume the train is going away from you. You'd be dead wrong.

    Listen means really listen, by turning off the music and rolling down the window, rain or shine.

    In addition, these life saving steps should be taken at every crossing, whether that crossing is protected by electromechanical means (gates, lights, bells) or a rural, unprotected crossing. People are probably sick of me saying it, but even though there is battery back-up for protection in the event power failure, there are other conditions that can present themselves that will render such protection inoperative.

    This advice is especially important when traveling in inclement weather. If it's snowing, it is likely the locomotive's whistle is plugged up, so don't count on hearing a train's approach.

    A very good safety question and those always rate a star.

    Stay safe.

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    And look both ways.

    In today's world, with AC, radio, Cell phones, all the audio in automobiles, an approaching train may not be audible.

    Before AC, windows were open, except in winter, and the noise was audible.

    Engineers are required to blast their air horns on approaching a crossing.

    It only takes one to neglect that, at the same time a car is approaching the tracks.

    Would 30-45 seconds delay violate some great plan of yours?

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    Stop, look, listen

    that used to be printed right on the crossbucks at most crossings.

    The only 100% effective safety device is alert attentive drivers.

    No other crossing protection should ever be trusted, why would anyone trust their lives and their passengers lives to a device they know nothing about?

    Great question and the answer is so simple, a star for you.

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    unquestionably the main secure is supply up look pay attention if visibility is limitless for an prolonged distance in the two instructions, maximum persons dont difficulty struggling with, alongside with me. in basic terms understand that the only one that would save you from getting hit is you. right it is somethign to think of roughly, crossing lighting fixtures furniture are guy-made units. no remember how nicely they're made, the can, and could fail. manage each and every crossing as an unprotected corssing, in case you are attempting this, each and every time, I assure you wont get hit by using a prepare. quite uncomplicated, that is totally a tragic fact that crossing gates and lighting fixtures furniture are required in any respect. human beings could be conscious sufficient of their atmosphere that they are not needed yet all of us understand that isn't the case. reliable question.

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    Stop,look,and listen are words to live by.There is no substitute for an alert driver.Even at crossings with gates and/or lights.They are man made and can and do fail to work.Having personally seen them fail to work I never go across tracks without looking first.

    Source(s): UPRR engineer
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    You should stop and look both ways. Also, the train is required to blow its horn (two long, one short and one long) as it approaches a crossing. You would also listen for that.

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    Andy and Hoghead are absolutely correct!

    Stop! Look! Listen!

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    how about looking right and left it's hard to miss a train or is it.

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