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iditarod help anyone?

is there any specific breed of dog that can run in it?

bc i think its only huskies that do it but im not entirely sure..

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    Iditarod rules state

    "Rule 43 -- Dog Description: Only dogs suitable for arctic travel will be permitted to enter the race. Suitability will be determined by race officials."

    Primarily people are using Alaskan Huskies. Although this dog is not recognized as a breed by AKC it is very well established in northern areas as a working breed with specific attributes.

    Here is a little info on the dogs used in mushing events like the Yukon Quest and Iditarod.

    Some people assume you mean Siberian Husky when you use the word Husky, and it is Siberians used in all those Disney movies. But in reality that is not what people are using for these long distance competitive events. With a few notable exceptions, Karen Ramstead and Mike Ellis come to mind.

    Source(s): Racing long distance sled dogs in Alaska
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    OH expensive goodness, those canine have been BRED for it! They like it extra effective than the rest in the international. somewhat some the canine that come from severe sledding strains wouldnt additionally be considered as pets because of the fact they do no longer adapt nicely in a house. They love the exterior and working with a sled at the back of them is what they stay for. PETA will disagree yet all of us be attentive to they're nutcases besides. in accordance to them having a puppy in any respect is animal cruelty..... otherwise i cant think of an smart canine be attentive to-how guy or woman to think of that its cruel... to me it would be cruel to deprive them of their hobby. to no longer point out the canine that run the iditarod get the main suitable of care from their people and vets.

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    Any type of dog can race, but some do much better than others. A couple of years ago there was a team of poodles, I think.

    Source(s): Local newspaper and television news (Anchorage, Alaska)
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