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'men in there 20's to 30's are having vasectomies as a form of liberation' What do you think of this notion?

I'm researching for Esquire Magazine and wondered what people thought of this topic? I'm particularly interested in responses from BRITISH men, men who have gone through with this procedure, women who are connected to it. We're writing a feature on this in the coming months and your responses are necessary.

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    What a ludicrous notion. What is liberating about making yourself sterile and taking a risk with your intact sexual function?

    Vasectomy can cause chronic testicular pain in up to 15% of men. What is liberating about that? Chronic testicular pain that affects sexual function or severe pain occurs in 2 to 5% of vasectomized men. Even the Planned Parenthood website lists a 2% incidence of severe chronic genital pain after vasectomy.

    Why don't you do a story on that? Despite the common view that vasectomy is completely safe and has no long-term side effects, several post-vasectomy surveys have confirmed that some men have persistent pain after vasectomy. These contemporary studies are published in peer reviewed medical journals and document this problem in a significant percentage of vasectomized men. While most men have trivial short-term pain, some men have pain that lasts a few months, and up to 15% of men still complain of testicular or other scrotal pain seven months after their vasectomy.

    1) McMahon et al - 253 surveys sent, 172 responded, and 33% complained of chronic testicular pain. The time interval from vasectomy averaged 4 years and 5% of the men complained of pain during sex. One in sixty respondents regretted having the vasectomy due to chronic pain.

    2) Choe/Kirkemo - 470 surveys sent, 182 responded, and 19% complained of pain. The time interval from vasectomy averaged 5 years and 2% of the men complained of pain that affected quality of life. Nine percent of the men were dissatisfied with their vasectomy

    3) Morris et al - 198 surveys sent, 101 responded, and 52% complained of some level of pain. The time interval from vasectomy averaged 3 to 4 years and 6% of men complained of pain severe enough to seek treatment.

    4) Ahmed et al - 560 surveys sent, 396 responded, and 5% of men had pain that lasted longer than three months. For some of these men, the pain was severe enough to offer microsurgical denervation of the spermatic cord to treat the pain.

    5) Manikandan et al - Surveyed two groups, A. Ten years after vasectomy and B. One year after vasectomy. In group A 460 surveys were sent, 182 responded and 14% had chronic pain. Four percent of the men rated their pain as greater than five on a scale of one to ten (VAS>5). In group 460 surveys were sent, 220 responded and 16% of men complained of pain. Six percent of these men rated the pain as greater than five on a scale of ten.

    6) Leslie et al - 625 patients were approached, and 593 completed the preop survey, while 488 completed a postop survey seven months later and 15% of men reported chronic pain. Four percent of these men reported pain with sex and fourteen percent rated their pain as greater than five on a scale of ten (VAS>5).

    Source(s): - with direct links to articles from the medical literature.
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    I am not British, sorry. I did do it for liberation, when I was 21. I have no children. I do not want to be emasculated by giving up a third of my hard earned money every month for a child I do not want. Many of my friends have given up most everything for children they did not want and can not afford to support. Not me.

    I hope you have some luck finding men that feel the same way in the UK.

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    It's called Freedom of Choice and I am all for it. No man should have to be "fertile" and pro-create if they do not wish to. Vasectomy offers a reliable form of freedom and not having to worry about getting someone pregnant. I had my bi-lateral vasectomy at age 25 and now 25 years later, I can still say without any regret it was the best decision I made for myself.

  • No question of Liberation !

    It's nothing more than

    Sowing wild oats

    Without the need to accept responsibility !

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